At Washington Nutrition & Counseling Group it is very important to us that you not only know how to reach your weight loss goals through food in a healthy way, but that you see results and are provided with the tools to help you keep the weight off for life.  Not everyone has the same goals, body composition, health conditions or lifestyle, therefore we offer 2 safe and every effective weight loss programs.



Lose 10 – 20 + Pounds in 1 month

View The FAST WEIGHT LOSS Quick Start Guide Here

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  • Fast & Easy weight loss for patients who have more than 20 pounds to lose
  • See results fast and stay motivated; lose 13-20 pounds per month depending on your age, weight and gender
  • Eat 5 natural meal replacements and a portion-controlled protein and vegetable meal daily until you get close to your goal weight
  • Lower calories with 100 percent nutrition because all of your food is packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Packed with protein so you maintain muscle as you lose weight
  • Learn healthy habits as you lose weight, to set you up for a successful transition process and stay motivated while you lose weight fast!
  • 5 meal replacements a day for 28 days for $364/month. 


Lose 1 – 2 Pounds a week

         View A 1 Day WEIGHT LOSS Program Meal Plan Example Here

View Video Here

  • Meal plans, recipes and grocery lists
  • Lose 1-2 pounds a week depending on your age, weight and gender
  • On line tracking system recommended to track your food intake
  • Get 100 percent nutrition because you are eating a set formula of calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates at each meal 4 meals a day
  • Packed with protein so you continue to maintain muscle as you lose weight
  • Food costs other than the provided list of grocery store foods are optional and only if you choose to substitute your breakfast and lunch with a Stellar Labs® protein shake for  79.95/month.


One Month Weight Loss Program …………………………………………………………………………………………… $350
Includes The JUMP-START WEIGHT LOSS program guide  or The WEIGHT LOSS Program Guide with Meal Plans,  DEXA Scan, Metabolism Test, 15 Minute Weight Loss Consult with a licensed dietitian nutritionist to review results and 3 weekly follow-up weight loss visits. At this time we will recommend the JUMP START WEIGHT LOSS or WEIGHT LOSS program based on your weight loss assessments, health conditions and lifestyle goals. You can schedule and purchase this service on the below calendar.

Weekly weight loss program follow-up visits after the first month…………………………………………………………..$200/monthly
Includes weekly x 15 minute weight loss consults with one of our licensed dietitian nutritionists which include weight, body fat, and hydration assessments. A DEXA SCAN & Metabolism Test is complimentary after every 3 consecutive months; limited to 3 DEXA Scans a year.



Click the links under each weight loss program described above for the initial weight loss food kits. The Food is necessary when following the Jump Start Fast Weight Loss Program, but not when following the Weight Loss Program. All food is ordered online and shipped to your home or place of work.



Schedule your initial 1 Month Weight Loss Program visit on our calendar below. Our dietitian nutritionist will recommend the best weight loss program for you at the consult. You will meet with our dietitian nutritionist each week for 1 month.

If you choose the JUMP START FAST WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM you can order your food before your initial consult or wait until your initial consult. If you choose the WEIGHT LOSS program food is optional and may be purchased at any time.

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