Millions of children and adults suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); a condition that causes one to become distracted easily or lose focus often. This can create stress every day in relationships, school, work, and even when performing daily routine tasks. Evaluating for ADHD will help our mental health team decide a course of action for treatment.

The initial evaluation will determine if you or a loved one is a good candidate for testing. One this is concluded, our psychologist and psychometrician will conduct tests that measure cognitive, executive and social –emotional functioning with interviews, questionnaires and rating scales. This assessment can take 4-6 hours, although in some cases even more comprehensive testing may be necessary to help diagnose the presence of ADHD. Interviews with family, friends and/or co-workers close to the client will also be conducted and the results of the whole test will be reviewed in a detailed report at a follow up meeting with the patient. The evaluator will then outline treatment which can include many different aspects of mental health therapy from mental health counseling sessions to medication.