Virtual Medical Nutrition Counseling

Virtual Nutrition Counseling is through telehealth with one of our licensed dietitian nutritionists for individuals who have been referred by a medical provider for a specific medical nutrition condition such as but not limited to; the LowFODMAP Diet for IBS , eating disorders, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, sports nutrition, PCOS, acid reflux, food allergies, infertility, hypoglycemia, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, binge eating, and bariatric surgery or has done their own research and think they need to develop a more nutritious lifestyle. At your initial virtual nutrition counseling session, your licensed dietitian nutritionist will go over any blood work you bring to the visit to help design the best eating regimen to help improve your nutrition related health conditions. If you are looking to lose weight she may recommend our DEXA SCAN and METABOLISM TESTING, or our 6 week weight loss program which includes the DEXA SCAN and METABOLISM TESTING.

Body Fat and Metabolism Testing

Nutrition testing is important to determine the amount and type of body fat you carry and to assess your unique metabolism. Both tests are recommended if you want to lose weight, or improve your body composition. All nutrition testing is performed out of our Alexandria, VA office location. The DEXA SCAN will assess your body fat and evaluate your bone density and METABOLISM TESTING will help your dietitian nutrition measure how efficient your metabolism is so she can accurately design a nutrition plan with the right amount of calories and macronutrients to help you meet your weight, body composition and health goals. If you think you may have a vitamin or mineral deficiency she recommend MICRONUTRIENT TESTING to help design a supplement regimen for you specific to your vitamin and mineral needs.


   6 Week Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss is most effective in person with one of our licensed dietitian nutritionists. A comprehensive body fat and metabolic assessment is performed and in person visits encourage accountability losing weight through one on one guidance and meal planning.  Our  6 week weight loss program  includes an initial weight loss consult with Christine Haas MS LDN and a DEXA SCAN which assesses body fat, visceral fat, lean muscle mass and bone density, METABOLISM TESTING, a 2 phase meal planning program and 2 follow up visits including a final DEXA SCAN evaluation to measure your progress at our Alexandria, VA Location.

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              Follow-up virtual medical nutrition counseling sessions

Your licensed dietitian nutritionist will most likely recommend weekly or every other week 25 to 55-minute virtual nutrition
counseling sessions at least for the first month to make sure you are on the right track to reaching your health goals.

               How much does nutrition counseling cost and how do I schedule an appointment


May be covered by your insurance carrier

May be covered by your insurance carrier

Includes 2 DEXA Scans, Meal Planning, Metabolism Testing, Messaging in between appointments with a dietitian nutritionist.
Insurance will not cover the DEXA SCAN, METABOLISM TESTING, or the 6 WEEK WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.


All of our licensed dietitian nutritionists are in-network with United, BCBS, Cigna and Aetna, and Medicare. Initial and follow-up nutrition counseling sessions in many cases are covered, as most insurance companies now offer nutrition health benefits.  If you have insurance benefits for nutrition counseling and you have met your deductible you only need to pay your co-pay at the time of session if you have one.

You can call us at 703-552-2722 to schedule a nutrition counseling appointment with our reception team or if you are not able to reach us you can schedule a call with one of our receptionists

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