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Mental Health Counseling for ADHD

ADHD Testing

Millions of children and adults suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); a condition that causes one to become distracted easily or lose focus often. This can create stress every…

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executive functioning - Psychological Testing

Executive Functioning

Executive functioning testing is a set of tests used to evaluate higher level cognitive functions. There are many testing tools used for different cognitive functions, in most cases each test…

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Psychological Testing for Cognitive Functioning Testing

Cognitive Functioning Testing

If a person is having a difficult time at work, school, with relationships or just coping in general, clinical testing can help understand the various personality traits, emotions and behaviors…

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Mental Health Counseling for Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation And Counseling

Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluation And Counseling

We offer psychological medical bariatric surgery behavioral health evaluations and we provide post bariatric surgery mental health counseling. If you are having bariatric surgery, your insurance company will most likely…

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