I am a highly qualified professional with a solid educational background. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker in the state of New York and Maryland, and a Licensed Graduate Social Worker in the District of Columbia. I am an Advanced Chemical and Substance Abuse Counselor, specializing in harm reduction, and a Certified Trauma Therapist. In my work as a therapist, I believe that human beings are incredibly adaptive. I recognize that individuals develop unique strategies to navigate through challenging circumstances. My therapeutic approach is built upon this strength of adaptability, while also acknowledging and addressing feelings of anger, fear, and shame. I seek to cultivate self-compassion within my clients, particularly in the face of societal pressures that often discourage it. I view the client- therapist relationship as the heart of the therapeutic process. My approach is collaborative, focusing on establishing trust and understanding. This foundation allows for open communication and thoughtful deliberation. I create a therapeutic environment grounded in compassion and sensitivity, where clients feel comfortable sharing their difficult thoughts and emotions. Together with my clients, I help establish and work toward goals that align with their vision of a fulfilling and fully realized life.