Erin is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with extensive experience working with those impacted by eating disorders and disordered eating patterns. For several years Erin worked as the dietitian for a partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient level eating disorder clinic. She is currently accepting clients appropriate for outpatient care and is a great fit for those looking to improve their behaviors and thoughts surrounding food, nutrition and body, and/or nutrition and exercise. Additionally, Erin enjoys working with athletes looking for help fueling, and those looking for help improving their lipid panel/cholesterol.

Erin advocates for health guidance to be offered through a trauma-informed, Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating and joyful movement lens. She is passionate about holding space for intersecting body image topics that have altered one’s nutrient intake in conjunction with examining her client’s lived experiences of previously adhered to nutrition information.

Please note, you do not have to be stepping down from a higher level of care or have an eating disorder to qualify for nutrition care. If you identify with intrusive thoughts related to food, movement, body image, and/or nutrition related labs, please reach out. Erin is available for virtual sessions.