Micronutrient Testing

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Micronutrient testing is an assessment of your nutritional status; the functional level and capability of 33 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants present within your white blood cells. Vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential for optimal health and metabolism. Even a slight vitamin, mineral, or antioxidant deficiency can contribute to degenerative processes such as; hair loss, skin issues, disease, low immunity, muscle spasms, cancer, anxiety, weight gain, and many other minor and debilitating health issues.

Our Micronutrient Test is done with a phlebotomist who will draw your blood at our  Alexandria office location .

You will meet with your dietitian nutritionist 2 weeks after the blood draw at a nutrition counseling session at one of our office locations or virtually. At this time they will review the results and set you up on a supplement regimen with our line of professional-grade supplements.

Please note our dietitian nutritionist will only recommend a specific supplement regimen if we know your specific vitamin and mineral levels which can only be determined with your micronutrient test (micronutrient blood test) results. Without micronutrient testing, your dietitian may still recommend general supplements for overall health based on your eating habits and lifestyle and other blood work you have had in the past, but if you are looking for a detailed supplement assessment including supplement recommendations it is essential we know your individual vitamin and mineral deficiency status which can only be derived from micronutrient testing.

Please schedule your appointment and purchase your testing below. This covers the actual test kit and phlebotomist fees. We also recommend you contact us to schedule a nutrition counseling appointment to review your results 2 weeks after the blood draw.


DEXA Scan performed w/DEXA Tech. Results are emailed. Does not include RD consult.

Virtual or in-person visit with RD to explain Metabolism Testing and DEXA Scan results

In-person visit w/ RD to measure metabolism and review results. (DEXA Scan results will be reviewed with RD at this time if purchased separately or on another platform).

Includes blood draw and explanation of the results w/ an RD. A comprehensive supplement plan to address your vitamin and mineral deficiencies is designed and provided to patient.