Grief is a natural process that most people experience following a meaningful loss. Although everyone copes with grief differently, nearly everyone navigates the process in stages. While grieving is important following a loss, it may appear very differently from person to person. Many people find the grieving process to be more straightforward with the assistance of a grief counselor. Grief counseling encourages safe and comforting grief that ultimately facilitates healing after a loss.

Did you know?

that grief is not only associated with the death of a loved one. In fact, it can occur at the loss of a pet, a job, a sentimental inanimate object, or even an intangible idea. Regardless of the object of your grief, the feelings and emotions that you experience following your loss are very real. You’ll go through stages of grief that help you cope with your loss. Those stages may include denial, anger, depression, and finally acceptance.

How do I get started with mental health counseling?

Contact us and our reception intake team will schedule you for mental health therapy with a mental health therapist who specializes in grief.  If medication is needed, we offer medication management with licensed psychiatrists.