Your dietitian nutrition may recommend our Jump Start Weight Loss Program at your nutrition counseling session, or if you need more information contact us at [email protected] You can also view our Program Brochure and Sample Meal Plan.

The Jump Start Weight Loss Program is a no-think plan to accelerate your weight loss with meals for optimal health, weight loss, and metabolism delivered to your door. You only prepare one lean protein and vegetable meal a day and will learn healthy eating habits along the way. Clinically proven with patients at John Hopkins University this program has helped our patients lose more weight than other weight loss methods they have tried in the past and has helped many become free of their blood pressure and adult-onset diabetes medications. Anyone can follow this program including patients with significant amounts of weight to lose looking to improve weight-related medical conditions, as this program will significantly help speed up a long weight loss journey which leads to more motivation and others who just want to lose the last 20 pounds quickly.

When you get close to your goal weight we will give you transition plans to help you slowly incorporate less meal replacements and more whole foods back into your diet for long-term success. Therefore, not only will you lose weight fast, but you will reach your goal weight with a plan to keep the weight off. To view our fast weight loss system services sample transition program meal plans email [email protected]

There is no counting calories, carbohydrates or points and we take the worry out of portion control and temptation through a combination of 4-5 low calorie, high protein, low-fat nutritionally balanced meal replacement products delivered to your home and 1-2 lean protein and vegetable meals prepared at home or in a restaurant. A vegetarian program is also available.

You will also have access to one of our dietitian nutritionist coaches during the weight loss phase of the program through 10-minute phone calls or through messaging to help you through the program.




  1. View our program brochure and sample meal plan.
  2. Order the 1 month fast weight loss kit which will consist of 1 month of food and a detailed program guide.
  3. Email [email protected] if you have any questions before or during the ordering process and when your food arrives. When your food arrives, one of our dietitian nutritionists will help you get started, contact you weekly and be available by text for any questions you have on the program. Weekly 10-minute weight loss coaching calls by phone are provided with one of our licensed dietitian nutritionists at no charge for extra support in addition to text messaging support.
  4. For our transition program meal plans join our request at [email protected]





For more support and to make sure this is the best program for you, you can meet with one of our dietitian nutritionists for an initial and follow-up nutrition counseling visits in-office or virtually at one of our office locations or through our secure HIPPA compliant telehealth system with your computer, smart tablet or phone.

Weekly 10-minute weight loss coaching phone calls and text messaging is provided with one of our licensed dietitian nutritionists at no charge.

We also have a private Facebook page support group monitored by one of our registered dietitians where patients can ask questions, view recipes and learn more about weight management strategies from our licensed registered dietitian and each other. Please note you will be in this group with other patients of ours.


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