Welcome to Washington Nutrition Group

Washington Nutrition Group (formerly known as NuWeights Nutrition) is a team of innovative and experienced licensed and registered dietitian nutritionists. We have multiple locations in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia, and we offer virtual telehealth nutrition counseling sessions. For over 13 years our practice has been dedicated to providing nutrition counseling to patients of all ages with all nutrition related medical conditions. We also offer weight management programs to patients with or without medical conditions and a variety of nutrition tests. Our services are very affordable because we are in network with almost all major insurance companies. Contact us for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment.


Nutrition Counseling

Clinical nutrition counseling at one of our office locations or through virtual telehealth nutrition counseling sessions for all medical conditions and lifestyles including but not limited to: sports nutrition, bariatric surgery, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fertility, PCOS, food allergy, gout, GERD, IBS, LowFODMAP diet, other gastrointestinal conditions, and eating disorders.


Weight Management

We offer 3 easy to follow structured weight loss programs for patients of all ages, medical conditions, lifestyles and food preferences: Our Fast Medical Weight Loss Meal Replacement program, our All Natural All Healthy Portions Meal Planning System, and our Stellar Labs® Eating System featuring a line of convenient real food protein shakes and bars.


Daily Nutrition Support

Finally for optimal guidance and nutrition support to help you stay on track you can share your food journals and communicate with your dietitian nutritionist every day through email!

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Nutrition Tests

We offer nutrition testing to evaluate your metabolism, identify vitamin and mineral deficiencies, assess antioxidant levels, determine food sensitivities and intolerances, and evaluate your cholesterol, kidney, vit-D, liver, thyroid and blood sugar status.

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