Weight Management

Optavia - Fast Medical Weight Loss

This program is for patients that need to lose weight as quickly and safely as possible without sacrificing health. Clinically proven by Johns Hopkins University, this medical weight loss program has helped our patients lose more weight than other weight loss methods they have tried in the past, and has helped many become free of their blood pressure and adult onset diabetes medications. There is no counting calories, carbohydrates or points and we take the worry out of portion control and temptation through a combination of low calorie, low fat nutritionally balanced meal replacement products delivered to the home and one lean protein and vegetable meal prepared at home or in a restaurant. A vegetarian program is also available. Once patients are 5-10 pounds from their goal weight, we teach patients how to transition back to real foods and maintain their new weight loss for life. The food cost during the initial weight loss phase is about $350-$400 a month and weekly office or virtual telehealth nutrition counseling visits are most likely covered through insurance. On this program we also offer daily nutrition support at no charge.

All Healthy Portions

All Healthy Portions is an easy to follow structured weight management system with all real food you purchase at the grocery store. Dining out options are also available. Patients on this program will follow the All Healthy Portions Book with grocery lists, meal plans and recipes that can be prepared at home for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Convenient real food high protein gluten free shakes and bars free of artificial ingredients are options at breakfast and snack. For optimal results while following All Healthy Portions we recommend patients see their dietitian nutritionist weekly in the office or through virtual telehealth nutrition counseling visits or every other week which are most likely covered through insurance along with daily nutrition support until they reach their goal weight.

All Healthy Portions E-book


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Stellar Labs® Eating System

STELLAR LABS® is an all natural, heart-healthy, whole food weight loss program featuring a line of convenient real food protein shakes and bars free of all artificial ingredients. Patients on this program will eat a STELLAR LABS® protein bar and protein shake every day in addition to nutrient dense whole foods. Meal plans are provided for patients who need to follow gluten-free, LowFODMAP, vegetarian, vegan or heart healthy lifestyles.

Physician Assisted Weight Loss Program

Washington Nutrition Group has Teamed up with Dr. Betsy Vasquez, MD and the Wellness Center at Loudoun ENT. Patients on this program will be evaluated by a licensed medical provider with an EKG and complete blood work wellness panel. Possible medication options are available including Contrave and Qsymia in addition to IV nutrition services and B12 shots. Patients on this program will be counseled by a Washington Nutrition Group licensed dietitian nutritionist which will be most likely covered by insurance.