Weight Loss Programs and Support

At Washington Nutrition and Counseling Group we will give you all the tools and support you need to lose weight effectively without sacrificing your health including the best nutrition assessment protocols, calorie and macronutrient breakdowns, assistance tracking your food intake, e-books with meal plans designed specifically for your goals and lifestyle, a rapid weight loss program for patients who want to lose fast but safely under dietitian nutrition support, and a weight loss and fitness coaching app all supported and supervised by our team of licensed dietitian nutritionists.  

Weight Loss

Weight Loss with one of our licensed dietitian nutritionists is for individuals who want to lose weight or have been referred by a medical provider to improve specific medical nutrition conditions through weight loss. If you are looking to lose weight, we recommend the following;

To get started, first contact our office to schedule: 
1. Nutrition testing at our Nutrition Assessment Center at our Alexandria office location. Nutrition testing includes; Micronutrient testing , the DEXA SCAN and Metabolism testing. All are administered at this location.  

2. An initial nutrition counseling session with a licensed dietitian nutritionist virtually or at one of our office locationsMetabolism testing is the only test that can be administered at this location or at your initial nutrition counseling appointment. Please let our receptionist know if you choose this option so your dietitian nutritionist can plan.

Nutrition testing is optional, but it does help your dietitian nutritionist customize a weight loss plan for you. Your dietitian will evaluate your nutrition status based on the nutrition tests you did with us and other testing including blood work performed by your primary care or other physicians. Please send or have with you at your in – office or virtual appointment any blood work results you have with – in the past year.


At your initial in – office or virtual nutrition counseling session your licensed dietitian nutritionist will go over your nutrition testing results with you and any other blood work you bring to the visit. The more information your dietitian nutrition has to evaluate your nutrition status the more accurate she can tailor your weight loss program to help you reach your weight, body composition and health goals. Your dietitian nutritionist will then evaluate your health condition(s), calculate the right amount of calories and macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) you need and show you how to use our preferred food tracking software. If you are looking for a structured weight loss program she will recommend one of our specific weight loss programs and/or support options listed below. If you choose micronutrient testing, the results take 2 weeks to come in, therefore a detailed supplement evaluation will be discussed at the next nutrition counseling session.

Weight Loss Programs

After your dietitian nutritionist gives you your baseline calorie and nutrient requirements, and shows you how to track your food intake you can log your food into our recommended food tracker system to make sure you are on track. If you want a specific meal plans to follow our dietitian will recommend one of our 4 weight loss program e-books; WNCG™ Meal Plans for Fat Weight Loss, Stellar Labs® LowFODMAP Meal Plans for Weight Loss with IBS,  All Healthy Portions™ Weight Management Meal Plans for Children, Teens and Seniors or our Easy Jump Start Fast Weight Loss System based on your nutrition and weight loss needs, lifestyle and goals. All of our programs are explained in e-book formats featuring meal plans, recipes, and grocery and food exchange lists including vegetarian and gluten – free options so you do not get tired of the same foods and you can still follow the plans when you are out to eat. You learn healthy eating habits and will get 100% of your vitamins and minerals in on all of our programs. If you would like meal plans and a fitness routine sent to you daily along with the ability to message one of our dietitian nutritionists our weight loss coaching and fitness app may be recommended.

If you are looking for faster weight loss results our easy jump start fast weight loss system will help you lose approximately double the weight, depending on your starting weight, gender, age and activity level, in the same amount of time. You see results fast with this program because you are eating lower calories, but using meal replacements packed with vitamins and minerals and protein to make sure you get all of your nutrition in and maintain your muscle and metabolism as you lose weight. Usually we recommend you follow this program the first month or until you are close to your weight loss goal because patients who choose this program have the most success as they stay more motivated with faster weight loss while still learning healthy habits and portion control. We then give you an 8-12 week transition plan which you follow right into weight maintenance where we recommend you continue to practice the healthy habits but with more food choices but still weigh yourself weekly. If you gain 5 pounds or more we recommend you go back to one of the transition plans. Your dietitian nutritionist will coach you through this program weekly through 15 minute check in calls and messaging. This program is not for everyone, but if you are interested in quicker weight loss safely you can talk with your licensed dietitian nutritionist in more detail about this program.    

Support Options

After your in – office or virtual initial nutrition counseling evaluation, you will know the amount of calories, macronutrients and other vitamins and minerals you need to reach your weight, body composition and health goals. Whether you choose to simply log your food, follow a meal plan in one of our weight loss e-books, or follow our weight loss and fitness app, we are available to support you in your weight loss journey. Talk with your dietitian nutritionist about which support option(s) will be the best for you. 

1. Follow-up virtual or in – office nutrition counseling sessions 
Your licensed dietitian nutritionist will recommend weekly 25 to 55 minute follow – up nutrition counseling sessions virtually or at one of our office locations at least for the first month to make sure you are on the right track to optimal health. Initial and follow-up nutrition counseling sessions in many cases are covered, although may be limited, by your health insurance company as all of our licensed dietitian nutritionists are in network with Medicare, BCBS, Aetna, Cigna United and Medicare. Fill out our insurance verification form to find out how many visits with our licensed dietitian nutritionist will be covered. 

2. Our Weight loss and fitness coaching app  gives you daily support with a licensed registered dietitian nutritionist health coach. Daily customized meal plans and fitness programs that meet the calorie, macronutrient and micronutrient goals you discussed with your dietitian nutritionist will be sent to you through the app. You can also message your dietitian nutritionist when you have questions and for support throughout your weight loss journey.  This is a great option for optimal support between your nutrition counseling sessions. 

3. Private facebook group support groups For general support we have 2 private Facebook page support groups monitored by our registered dietitians where patients can ask questions, view recipes and learn more about weight management strategies from each other and our licensed registered dietitian nutritionists. One is our Stellar Labs LowFODMAP support group which includes support for all IBS patients including IBS weight loss and the other is our Too Fit to Quit Facebook support group  for all of our weight loss patients.  These groups are run by our team of licensed dietitian nutritionists. To join these groups you must be a patient of our practice and invited by your licensed dietitian nutritionist.

Insurance coverage and rates:

All of our licensed dietitian nutritionists are in network with United, BCBS, Cigna, Aetna and Medicare. For more information about your insurance benefits including number of nutrition counseling for weight loss sessions your insurance will cover and co-pay amounts please fill out our insurance verification form.

If you do not have United, Aetna, Cigna, BCBS or Medicare, payment will be accepted at the time of your service and you will receive a super-bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Self-Pay Rates for Nutrition Counseling for weight Loss

55 minute initial nutrition counseling session ………………$200
25 minute follow-up nutrition counseling for weight loss session…………………..$100

Optional services not covered by your insurance plan

1. Weight Loss and Fitness Coaching App including meal plans and fitness plans sent daily …………$100/month
2. Easy Jump-Start Fast Weight Loss System 1 Month of Food and Program Guide………………….. $380/month
3. Weight Loss Program Books…………………..$20 each

         WNCG™ Meal Plans for Fat Weight Loss
         Stellar Labs® LowFODMAP Meal Plans for Weight Loss with IBS
         All Healthy Portions™ Weight Management Meal Plans for Children, Teens and Seniors,

How do I get started?

Contact us and our receptionist will ask you to fill out our insurance verification form  and schedule you with one of our licensed dietitian nutritionists for an initial 55 minute nutrition counseling session at one of our office locations or virtually through our HIPPA compliant telehealth system or over the telephone and/or nutrition testing at our Nutrition Assessment Center at our Alexandria office.

Our Weight Loss programs

Our licensed dietitian nutritionists provide the following weight loss programs 

doctor discussing meal plan with new client

Weight Loss and Fitness Coaching App

After your initial appointment, your dietitian nutritionist will explain the amount of calories you need and macronutrients to reach your ideal weight, body composition and

woman measuring stomach with tape measurement

Weight Loss E-books

Weight Loss E-books Easy Jump-Start Fast Weight Loss System WNCG® Meal Plans for Fat Weight Loss Stellar Labs ® Meal Plans for Weight Loss &

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To schedule an appointment at one of our office locations or through our secure HIPPA compliant virtual telehealth system with your computer, smart tablet or phone please contact us.

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