Carol and Larry

Lost 40 and 35 pounds

Our introduction to Take Shape for Life has been truly outstanding! My wife Carol watched me lose 40 pounds in three months. She had also witnessed my significant change over the past year on maintaining a maintenance program with outstanding success. This success has provided increased energy, and what is more important, it has greatly reduced my medication intake. This is significant in that I was diagnosed with diabetes years back. Carol, seeing the tremendous success and ease decided to join the Take Shape for Life program and lost over 35 pounds with similar results. Both Carol and I are extremely thankful for Take Shape for Life, and especially having Kelly as our health coach for always keeping us on track!


Lost 25 pounds

Initially it was Doctor's orders.

I had to absolutely get my colesterol levels down and I didn’t want to go on medication. I look you guys up, and you were covered by my insurance, which was great news. At the same time I started working towards my weight loss goals, so I thought maybe if they are helping with my colesterol at the same time I can get some assistant with loosing a couple of pounds.

Now, I can fit in my old clothes again, which was a really big deal. In fact, I can’t believe how loose my clothes fit.

But all and all, the weight loss has really help my confidence. I feel more comfortable in my own skin. It just feels great.




Lost 45 pounds

After my twin boys were born, I had twenty five extra pounds of weight to lose!

I dieted for two years on more or less 1,800 calories a day, and finally managed to lose the twenty pounds I’d gained but I was hungry the entire time! In the next ten years the pounds slowly climbed back on while my special-needs twins’ became my #1 priority. Eight years later, while at my doctors office being treated for Fibromayalgia I realized I was the highest weight I had ever been! I am 5’ 4” tall and I had hit 162 lbs. I was frustrated, I had been putting my kids first, but not thinking about my own wellbeing. I also realized that if I was unhealthy, both in body and in mind – I was not being the best possible parent I could be and wanted to achieve health for life and pass on a legacy of good health and habits for my children to follow.

If you have tried to lose weight and failed because it was too hard to navigate the change, believe me, you are not alone! This time I believe you will succeed.




Lost 20 pounds in 3.5 months

In July 2013, I made the decision that I wanted to compete in the Miss Virginia USA pageant but I knew I didn’t have the body for it. But I didn’t want that to be the reason I didn’t compete, so I decided to make a change. I needed to lose weight and I needed to lose it fast. My desire to lose weight became a commitment to lose weight. I signed up for bootcamp and started seeing a nutritionist at Washington Nutrition Group Nutrition and Personal Training. I was skeptical about what a nutritionist could do for me, but I quickly learned that EATING MATTERS more than you think. If  you  have tried to lose weight and failed because it was too hard to navigate the change, believe me, you are not alone! This time I believe you will succeed.

I learned that losing weight cannot be achieved with exercise alone. I followed a strict meal plan which meant cutting out pasta, bread, cheese, fried foods, and all the other unhealthhy foods that I once craved. Losing weight meant sacrificing my favorite foods and I didn’t think I could do it. But I knew I had to let those foods go if I wanted to see the weight come off.

After 4 months of intense exercise and healthy eating, I finally saw the weight come off. I dropped 20 pounds in 3.5 months. I started out at 142 pounds/25.4% body fat and now I’m down to 122 pounds/14.5% body fat. I’m stronger, healthier, and fitter than I’ve ever been in my life. Along with the weight loss came other unexpected benefits. I find myself energized, happier, immune to stress/illness, and needing less sleep.




Lost 75 pounds in 6 months

It’s just this simple: I had to bring sexy back!

I was disappointed in myself to be up to a size 40 waist (I wore 34’s back in grad school 20 years ago), and felt completely miserable when I actually had to purchase 42s.  I tried to convince myself if was okay to be fat by buying some very nice (designer) clothes.  I thought “well, I may be fat, but at least I am well dressed!”  The good feeling was only temporary.  I noticed just how fit people in the metro DC area area.

Health clubs abound, as well as several commercial “medical weight loss centers.” I tried one a few years ago which involved drugs. I did lose weight, but gained it back soon after getting off the program.  Before starting with Washington Nutrition Group, I checked out two different weight loss programs you hear advertised a lot. Both were VERY expensive, and as much as I wanted to lose weight, I could not justify the cost.



An out-of-state friend (who had an incredible weight loss) suggested I look in my medical insurance provider directory for a qualified nutritionist.  That’s how I found Kelly, who is a great coach.  The MediFast program through Washington Nutrition Group is not only affordable, but it works!  The food tastes great too, such as the Spiced Pancakes, the bars and especially the soups (Maryland Crab is my favorite). With Kelly’s help, the program has been very easy to follow and stick with.  My fat just melted away.  The first month I was losing about 3/4 pounds a day!  In a matter of weeks I was tossing out the size 42 pants.  In just a few more weeks, I was tossing out the size 40 pants and XXL shirts.  I retrieved my size 38 pants and XL shirts out of storage (yep, I kept them) and felt like I had a whole new wardrobe.   Before long, the 38 pants were falling off of me!  I am now in size 36 pants and size L shirt, and a few of them feel a little loose.  In addition my neck size went from an 18 inch to a 16 inch.  I no longer feel miserable clothes shopping!

All my friends and co-workers cannot believe how “skinny” I am now, and in such a short period of time. And I feel great!

Everybody is asking me how I did it.  I have learned that our bodies simply do not require all the food we tend to put in it.  Many Americans simply overeat…the “biggy” phenomenon.   I’ve also learned that lean meats, fresh vegetables and salads can be filling, and actually taste good when not drowning in artery-clogging ranch dressing or butter!  I’ve learned to drink plenty of water, and little tricks like taking a short walk or chewing gum to ward off cravings.

In summary, the MediFast program through Washington Nutrition Group works. No simpler way to say it. I’ve lost almost 75 pounds in just six months, down from 265. Best part is my new nick-name: “Dr. Skinny P.” I am serious! Lol!


Lost 60 pounds and maintained his weight loss