male holding stomach from irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Food sensitivities can cause irritable bowel syndrome, otherwise known as IBS, which is a disorder of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Medical experts continue to research the exact cause, as symptoms vary in individuals and effect some more than others. IBS is not life threatening, but symptoms can be debilitating and usually appear after consuming certain foods or beverages and may continue for a few days.  Diarrhea, gas and/or bloating are some of the most common symptoms. If diarrhea occurs, this can deprive the body of essential vitamins and minerals and fluids which must be replaced.

Diarrhea, gas and bloating symptoms may be improved when eliminating FODMAPS, which are carbohydrates found in common foods out of the diet. Your licensed registered dietitian nutritionist will give you a list of foods with specific quantities low in FODMAPs and most likely put you on a LowFODMAP elimination plan for 3 weeks and then slowly start to add categories of LowFODMAPs back into the diet.

In addition, diarrhea deprives the body of vital nutrients and liquids, which must be replenished after an attack. Your licensed dietitian nutritionist will give you diet and possibly supplement recommendations to help you replenish these essential nutrients.

Other Food sensitivities include; dairy, gluten, and other foods. Your licensed dietitian nutritionist will help you design an eating plan free of these foods but still get 100 percent of your macro and micronutrients in through real food. 

What to expect:

At your initial 55 minute nutrition counseling session visit your licensed dietitian nutritionist will evaluate your condition(s), develop an appropriate treatment plan and may recommend 25 – 55 minute follow – up nutrition counseling sessions. Your licensed dietitian nutritionist may also recommend nutrition testing or refer to other medical professionals for further evaluation. If you are interested in metabolism testing please let the receptionist know when you schedule your nutrition session, and your licensed dietitian nutritionist know at the start of your visit and your metabolism can be measured at your appointment. If weight loss is a goal your licensed dietitian nutritionist will also recommend the right amount of calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fat and other nutrients necessary for you to achieve your weight and health goals, show you how to use our preferred food tracking software, and may recommend one of our weight loss programs and/or weight loss coaching.

Insurance coverage and rates

All of our licensed dietitian nutritionists are in network with United, BCBS, Cigna and Aetna. For more information about your insurance benefits including number of nutrition counseling sessions your insurance will cover and co-pay amounts please fill out our insurance verification form.

If you do not have United, Aetna, Cigna or BCBS payment will be accepted at your time of visit and you will receive a superbill for your services to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Self-Pay Rates for Nutrition Counseling

55 minute initial nutrition counseling session ………………$200
25 minute follow-up nutrition counseling session…………………..$100

How do I get started?

Contact us and our receptionist will ask you to fill out our insurance verification form and schedule you with one of our licensed dietitian nutritionists for an initial 55 minute session at one of our office locations or virtually through our HIPPA compliant telehealth system or over the telephone

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