Corporate Wellness

Research continues to show a return on investment to employers when they invest money in the health of their employees through comprehensive health programs. Implementation of a good wellness program will not only reduce absenteeism, it will decrease healthcare and worker’s compensation & disability costs. Additionally, worksite health promotion programs continue to gain popularity as an outstanding recruitment and retention tool to attract and maintain high quality employees that are healthier and more productive.

Our dietitian nutritionists will work with your company to implement and create a corporate wellness program for your employees at your work site that includes seminars, nutrition counseling, body fat and BMI measurements, blood pressure assessment and heart risk screening. Your employees will see results immediately resulting in lower insurance rates because of the education and experience we have helping people lower their nutrition related medical conditions. We are also a low cost option in this market space because our credentials allow insurance coverage for many of our services. For more information about how we can help your employees please contact us for more information.

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