Sharmila Clee is a Licensed Master Social Worker that specializes in ADHD, Adoption, Alcohol Use, Alzheimer’s, Anger Management, Anxiety, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, Behavioral Issues, Career Counseling, Coping Skills, Depression, Developmental Disorders, Domestic Abuse & Violence, Dual Diagnosis, Family Conflict, LGBTQ+, Learning Disabilities, Life Transitions, Mental Health, Mood & Personality Disorders, Sleep or Insomnia, Stress, Spirituality, Trauma & PTSD, and a host of other areas.

As a transracial adoptee, Sharmila is passionate about the unique experiences individuals can face in life and understands the challenges associated with balancing concurrent identities and hopes. She believes that “exploring our pasts can allow us to find the answers we need today to better understand our current behaviors and thoughts”. In her mission, Sharmila seeks to empower clients by exploring their backgrounds to assist them in healing while fostering a safe space free of judgment.

With over 12 years of educational, professional, and community-based experience, Sharmila uses psychodynamic, CBT, and strengths-based frameworks to support individuals under her care. Her foundational goals are to educate clients on diet and mental health connections, nutritional psychology, and food science to ensure personal empowerment and healing experience that will promote a fulfilling healthy life.