Food Sensitivities

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Food sensitivities are characterized by an unpleasant reaction to certain foods.  Sensitivities can manifest as acid reflux, nausea, or cramping but can vary with different individuals.  Food sensitivities can often be difficult to diagnose as symptoms may not present immediately following ingestion of the food...

Eating Disorders

05 March in Health Tips, Health Tips Eating Disorders

There are three main types of eating disorders.  While characteristics of each type differ, all eating disorders are characterized by alterations in eating behaviors and weight disruption.  Many individuals with eating disorders often struggle with adverse psychological, physical, and social consequences of their eating disorder. ...

Colitis and Nutrition

05 March in Health Tips, Health Tips Colitis

  Colitis is inflammation of the large intestine or colon.  This inflammation can stem from many causes including illness or infection, poor blood supply (ischemia), and autoimmune reactions. Colitis caused by an infection is commonly related to bacteria, viruses, or parasites.  Viruses or bacterium are most often association...